HSBHAA: Help Stop Blindness And Hunger In Africa And Asia


Help Stop Blindness and Hunger in Africa and Asia (HSBHAA) was established in 2007 as a registered non-profit, non-religious charitable organization. HSBHAA became an approved Revenue Canada Charity in 2010 (Charity License #: 80933 5060 RR0001). It is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and is operated solely by volunteers.

HSBHAA's mandate is to PREVENT INFANT blindness in Africa.

100% of the net proceeds raised from fundraising events and from your donations are sent to the HH Aga Khan Platinum Jubilee Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya through the Aga Khan Foundation. All funds are directed towards saving infants with congenital glaucoma.

We recognize that our efforts will not eradicate blindness but they will at least provide relief to a number of infants. To date, we have raised $82,000 that has funded 54 surgeries (at $1,500 each) to STOP permanent blindness in infants!

Our Role:

HSBHAA firmly believes that quality of life should not be a matter of adequate funding.

As a result, this non-profit organization has chosen to host a series of charity events from which proceeds will go to the HH Aga Khan Platinum Jubilee Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya through the Aga Khan Foundation.

This Hospital in Kenya offers a well established entity with the capacity to respond promptly in the area. It is a trusted institution and with its collaboration, all monies raised will assist impoverished individuals in obtaining surgical and follow up antibiotic treatment that would otherwise not be available to them.

HSBHAA'S main focus is to help infants born with glaucoma, a debilitating disease that causes permanent blindness.These children from poor families have absolutely NO HOPE of receiving medical help, and in Kenya alone over 100 children go blind every year due to lack of financial support to pay for the $1,500 cost per surgery and post operative care. Sadly 70% of these children will pass away by the age of 7 years, due to lack of governmental social structure and support. HSBHAA is deeply grateful to all CANADIANS for their unflinching support and generosity. We promise not one cent will be wasted on administration costs and 100% of net funds will be sent to Africa to help these beautiful and desperate children.

Your donations are central to our efforts and will not be forgotten. PLEASE DONATE at Canadahelps.org and get an INSTANT TAX RECEIPT.

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